Power King Products


The Power King series of ground power units are intended to provide nominal 28 volts DC to power aircraft systems during maintenance and standby conditions. And, to relieve the aircraft battery from stresses involved in providing high current engine start. 

Power King-single phase 28V DC Rectifier

  • 1200 Peak amps output-60Hz
  • 600 Continuous amps-60Hz
  • 1000 Peak amps output-50hZ
  • 400 Continuous amps-50hZ

50/60 Hz single phase AC input 208V-250V

Power King-three phase 28V DC Rectifier

  • 2000 Peak amps output-60Hz
  • 1000 Continuous amps-60Hz
  • 1800 Peak amps output-50Hz
  • 800 Continuous amps-50Hz

50/60 Hz 3-Phase AC input 208V-600V

Standard Equipment

  • Reverse diodes
  • Over voltage protection
  • Epoxy encapsulated transformer-designed to give more output
  • Ripple & RFI filtered
  • Locking, swivel castors
  • 20' DC output cable
  • 100' AC input cable
  • Powder Coated Exterior-Customizable
  • All Terrain, flat free tires
  • All Steel frame
  • 208-600V 3-phase strapping capability standard
  • All electric-quiet operation with no fumes

Additional Options

  • Soft Start-limits current to 1000 amps
  • Custom Powder Coating
  • 14/28 VDC- for 14 VDC aircraft
  • All terrain package-ease movement in areas with uneven surface such as: sand, snow, over door thresholds
  • Hour Meter-track usage
  • Step Down Transformer-115 VAC outlet not operational if input voltage above 240 VAC-maintains functionality
  • Extended Output/Input cable 
  • Three/Single Phase installation kit- plug, receptacle, and wall box-can be sold separately 


Manuals, Certificates

  • Power King
  • Power Queen
  • Air Agency Certificate
  • Capabilities Listing

Files coming soon.